What is content marketing?

By Ronnie Rocket, Co-Founder, Creative Director, The Contentmakers

Part One

So what is content marketing? Is it just a buzzword? Or is there really something to it?

I remember when blogs came around over 10 years ago. Many people said: ”but it’s just a web site – what’s the difference?”. Today, blogs are not only an integral part of the media landscape but one of the most important avenues of information for people.

When people ask me what content marketing is I can often get the same reaction: ”but it’s just marketing – what’s the difference?”. But believe me, in a few years time, content marketing will be the principal way of marketing products and services.

Sometimes, I get a little religious about it and highbrowly claim that communication ”has come home”. That content marketing is the 21st century version of cave paintings from the stone ages.

Other times, I get a little idealistic and do my elevator pitch for content marketing as ”moving as many advertisings budgets from silly ads to avantgarde art (and other creative content)”.

But really, it is just a matter of communicating in a more positive manner, where the marketer is more human, more social and more in touch with the costumers, the users. The people.

In other words, more engaging and relevant in a post-occupy world that is changing fast.

The list of old marketing tricks – that most people actually hate! – is endless:

  • the constant flow of glossy ads the first 40 pages of a magazine
  • the television commercials that interrupt your sports broadcast or movie
  • the radio jingles that totally ruin the joy of listening to music
  • the animated ad banners that make it impossible to read an online newspaper

Nobody – except the advertising agencies – likes the efforts above. The claims that they work and are effective are based on tainted data. People have had enough.

There is a more smart way to brand your company. Give people something that they actually want. Make them happy instead of annoyed.

This is why content marketing is such a big deal. We are moving from nuisance to elegance.

An instant classic in content marketing is the short film. An artistic and creative short movie that either tells the story about a company and it’s people or product or a fictitous story presented by – or powered by, if you want – a brand.

Here is an amazing example of content marketing. Even if you are not in a market for a new camera, even if you are not a fan of luxury brands, even if you can’t afford it. You want this product after watching the film. Also, the film is so well made, that you don’t need a media plan. People will share it for you. Like I do know. About 500,000 people have seen this micro documentary as I write this.

Part two of this blog post will be published next week.


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