What is content marketing?

By Ronnie Rocket, Co-Founder, Creative Director, The Contentmakers Part One So what is content marketing? Is it just a buzzword? Or is there really something to it? I remember when blogs came around over 10 years ago. Many people said: ”but it’s just a web site – what’s the difference?”. Today, blogs are not only… Continue reading What is content marketing?


H&M captivates Google+ users with exclusive content

When H&M produces hot new collections, the Swedish fashion retailer knows just how to get the word out. With around 2,500 stores spread across 44 markets, not only does the company engage in traditional forms of marketing, but also integrates its social media with other communication activities. An early adopter of Google+, today H&M has more fans… Continue reading H&M captivates Google+ users with exclusive content