iQ Social Publishing

Social Algorithm – iQ sources content from across the web. We’ve developed several layers of curation that filters content based on freshness, relevancy, shares, clicks, employee interaction and deviance from the norm… just for starters.

Employee Curation – iQ crowd-sources what our employees share publically online. We hope this offers a unique glimpse into what is grabbing our attention and leverages a valuable filter for insight and knowledge sharing.
Touch Design – Millions of us use touch-optimized computing devices today, and millions more will begin using touch as more devices become touch-optimized. We designed iQ for the mobile web in order to leverage current and next-gen laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Social Publishing – iQ highlights stories about a better future made possible by people using technology. We have been inspired by writers and thought leaders such as Brian Solis (exploration of brand journalism), Tom Foremski (“Every Company is a Media Company) and John Battelle (writing on brand publishing), and by the AMEX Open Forum experience among other brands. Who better to help find and tell these stories than the engineers, scientists and visionaries who are helping design tomorrow’s technologies?



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